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I need a public speaking speech on the topic relating to covid-19

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I'm joining a public speaking competition, I can write about any topic, but I'd prefer to write about what's going on in the world right now. I am okay with any angle that you would want to write the speech on coronavirus. For example, it could be how we can still be motivated and live life even though things are cancelled, or how we need to work together (that we want no racism or wars), or how this pandemic has affected the environment, etc... Or it could also be my experience as a high school student going through this pandemic, and having my exam postponed and classes online. Anything like that works for me, depending on which one you can write the best, I would prefer the speech to be interesting, in a engaging storytelling like, so that it captures the audience's attention, rather than a written speech kind of thing. I need to present the speech, so I would prefer you to take note on that and fit it more to that style. (Not like an assignment to hand in) thanks.