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I need a PHP Laravel developer to work on LMS project

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We have deployed online eduction testing platform for students
It's developed on PHP and Laravell frame work
Immediate need of the below tasks to be developed on the protal.


1.     Questions edit page currently have Update functionality implemented. I am looking here to add 'Next' button which pulls next question, Previous button (pulls previous question) and Preview button - which shows question in preview mode (How it looks in exam mode for student, this you can see on front screen preview) 

2.     Questions listing page table should be changed. I will need pagination with drop down page size, and searchable in each column and i should be able to add or remove columns from display...This table should be added inside horizontal slider see full table in case all columns are selected to display. Export to PDF and Excel should be there.
Example format I am looking and expecting is here from JTable. I think JTable should be good choice here  

3.     Home page should be redesigned for better look and feel and more integrative. Need drop down filters on Tests/Test Series to filter courses...Country and State based drop down. We should also capture and default those based on GPS co-ordinates...Header currently showing only one image. This should be an rolling images and videos..Admin should have an option to upload into db for this. Currently Admin can upload only one image file. Similarly Alert notifications rolling on top of the window from db.Admin needs to post those messages into db.

4.     Admin dashboard should display all logged in/active users list ...Similarly Parents/Students should see when Admin is online. They should have an option to chat online. Currently there is Messaging system but it's kind of offline chat. I would like to have May I help You chat window box or Live Chat option on the menu, when users select for help, admin should be notified on what’s app or text message.  Admin will login and start chatting with student to provide help.

5.     When parents/Students logged in, on their dashboard, recommendations about courses should be populated based on student exam history...All student’s exam history and analytics are currently captured and stored in db. There is analytics build currently for students and parents to see their progress and time-based history. I would like to have good graphic representation on the dashboard about student past performance showing strong areas and weak areas.

6.     Tests are displaying currently on home page based on configuration option when creating Tests. Similarly Test Series should also have same option and accordingly display them on front page. Paid tests or test series will ask user to login .This req is changed to >> Add a topic drop down filter on questions compose page and is populated based on Category selection

7.     When user is registering, there should be an option to select which category he wants to register. He should be allowed to select multiple categories.Or Once users logged in they should be forced to select categories on their dashboard.

8.     Forgot Password should send an email link to reset user password .If reset password is not done with in 5 min, then link should not be valid .Currently forgot password is sending temporary password to the user .

9.     Image path is coming from local instance . In other words all images and pictures are storing in instance hard disk. This should be changed to upload and download them from AWS S3 storage.