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I need a family WordPress blog website for China

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I need a wordpress family blog website for China. It will be in Mandarin language. I need to integrate LMS (Learning Management System) in the website - it will have approx 5 courses. Also we need to integrate WeChat Pay/AliPay.

As this blog will be aimed at the Chinese market, anything Google related (including google fonts) will not be allowed.

Please send your chinese websites work samples. Also send sample demo WordPress family blog websites.

Please answer below questions & send it ASAP.

1. Have you created a WP website for China before?

2. What steps will we have to take such that our site won’t be blocked by the Great Firewall?

3. Website will need to have mobile first design, how will you do this?

4. What will you be doing to accelerate the load time in China?

5. What SEO steps will you take to improve SEO in China?

6. How and where will we host videos?

7. How will we seamlessly integrate to WeChat timelines?

8. Have you integrated WeChat pay and AliPay before? Which would you suggest?

9. Which LMS do you suggest for me to create just a few courses (<5)?

10. How will we be able to sell informational products such as notes on our site?

11. What extra plugins will you be integrating? What do you suggest?

12. What theme will you be using that you think is best suited to the Chinese market?

13. What design trend have you noticed in Chinese websites, that you think our’s should have?

14. Do you have any questions or concerns about my project?