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I need a digital marketer familiar with Facebook and Instagram to manage my accounts in the region

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Leeads Interactive is a one of a kind agency that specialises in the power of Instagram and Facebook that has driven proven success for brands and businesses in Asia Pacific. We are team based in multiple countries, servicing small to large businesses/brands across Asia. 

We are an experienced, lean team that is passionate about Facebook and Instagram's ability to drive great engagement and new customers for businesses from all sizes. 

Your deliverables: 

- Create detailed content calendar suitable for brand and business
- Research "Best Post" and Best Practice from successful accounts to develop best content strategy for client(s)
- Collaborate with client directly and regularly to share content and ideas for approval
- Repost high quality posts from targeted audience within client's niche, daily
- Post content 3-4 times a day
- Repurpose Video or Create Original Video content once a week
- Join Engagement groups and engage daily
- Search top 10 relevant hashtags and engage on top 9 posts per hashtag, daily
- Utilise Hastagify to research and update best hashtags to be used per post, monthly 

A plus if you can: 

- Design excellent and engaging content with ideal copywriting suited to client's business nature
- Visit client's office for initial or regular video/photo shoot for new content
- Source imagery in line with Brand or Business nature and niche

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