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I need a blockchain based platform to keep track of all of the transactions of my company.

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The APP will be divided into two main categories: 
- Clients:
- Workers:

What i need is an APP where both clients and workers ( Gig workers, providers of services, and providers of products) can register themselves on the platform, and manage every transaction between us and them, on the blockchain. 

I need a platform based on a virtual and smart calendar, which can be utilized by us and the clients and workers, to regulated all of the business transactions. 

- the client will utilize the calendar to let us know when they are available for a meeting, to manage financial transactions (through smart contracts), to have a history (on the calendar) of when and what type of transactions occurred on a specific day,

- the workers instead, will need the calendar to schedule the day they are available (gig workers), and see if they match with the client's availability, manage the refurnish of materials with our providers. For both categories, i need to have the same concepts as per the clients, in order to manage all of the business transactions on the calendar. 

I also need interconnection between data collected by our gig workers and the clients. I need the clients to be able to receive feedback on his profile (inside the app) which allows him to see objects in virtual reality. The gig workers in this case need to be able through the app to scan an object and detect the characteristics of it, such as dimensions, length, height, and so on. 

The app i am requesting is very complicated to be explained in one page, so feel free to contact me for more details.