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I need a 3d video of heart and spear

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We are looking for a 2 separate 3D hearts on dark background to cut to in a short film/music video.

Link to film for reference:

Heart 1
1. An spear with the word “Rejection” etched on the shaft stabs the heart.  Zoom in to the word rejection after the heart is stabbed.
2. An additional two spears with the words “Shame” and “Dishonor” stab the heart.  Provide a close up of the words on the two spear shafts in the same shot.
3. While the previous 3 spears are still in the heart, 5 more spears stab it one after another.  The words Jealousy, Anger, Pain, Resentment, & “Trust Issues" are etched on the shafts of the spears.

4. The Heart freezes and is entombed in ice.

5. Sunlight shines through pinholes in the heart and starts to melt ice

6. Heart melted, beating rapidly with spears still crammed in it. Water is pooled on the floor underneath the heart from melted ice.

7. Spears shoot out of the heart simultaneously in slow motion, and heart is instantly healed

Heart 2
1. 2 spears stab the heart with the words "Grief" and "Rejection" etched on the shaft of the spears.
2. Spears shoot out of 2nd heart simultaneously in slow motion.

*Please pause briefly between each action to make for easy editing.

Appearance of Hearts
Both are red with a flesh or putty-like texture.  Place on black background if it doesn’t cause problems with lighting.  Otherwise having the background dark gray would suffice.

Spears do not have to be exactly like the pictures provided, but just need to look realistic and have legible words etched into them.

Please run any creative additions by me prior to committing.

You do not have to add the footage to the film.  We just need a file(s) we can import into Final Cut.

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