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I need a 3D design for an industrial bag.

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Please have a look at the images on the following link:

The requirement at this stage is to produce a realistic design for Merchant Bulk Bag (similar to the image in the first link).

The dimensions are:

> (x, y, z) = (90cm, 90cm, 90cm).

> Loops (i.e. handles) = 30cm each
> The borders / edges which are shown in blue could be made red (#E70000).
Same can be done for the stitches that run along the top edges of the

> There will be a logo that will go on the bag (I'll supply the image
later). However, where it may be positioned, I'd leave that to your
able judgment. Again, not necessarily at the bottom as shown in the image,
unless you feel that it's where it may be best placed. The logo would
carry the same red color #E70000, so you may please choose the fabric color accordingly.

> Our initial thought is to let the fabric color be the same (greyish-white) -- or
something in the same area of greyish-white color tones that would
complement the red (#E7000). However, we're open to your suggestions.

you'd notice, it doesn't have to be an elaborate, graphic intensive
design, but just a realistic looking jpg / png image for the bag.

you kindly advise whether this is something that you might be able to
help me with? If yes, then there may be other 10-15 more bags (very
similar in nature) that would need custom branding.

Look forward to your reply and, if possible, an estimated cost for producing one image, and 10-15 follow up images too.

Many Thanks!

Best Regards,
For Fortune Tech Team,
Dhruv Saxena

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