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I Need 3D Designer to design a Water bottle

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Scope- We require A Innovative Modernailse, Eye catching and Attractive Copper Water Bottle Design Considering Its the Manufacturing Feasibility, I.e. It should be easy and Cheap To manufacture.  
1) The Inside Layer of Bottle Needed to Be 0.2 mm to 1 mm thick Copper.
2) The Outside Layer might be anything which can reduce the weight, Cost as well as Usability and How much impact Can it Withholds.
3) The Cap is Not Needed to Be of Copper. 
4) Your Scope also covers to Arrange a Place where a PCB (Circuit), Max Dimension of 70 mm Radius and 4 Cm Height, inside Bottle Itself. 
5) You Also Require to Consider The Falling of Bottle Must NOT Damage the Circuit Inside(where should it needed to be is of Your Freedom) AT ANY COST.
6) Since Its rechargeable Circuit Placed inside there's gonna Be A USB Type C Pin to Charge It, you Require to Design so that the Water Should not Get inside And do Damage.
7) The Circuit also Produces should for battery Low, so there should be a Feasibility of Sound Coming Out.
8) The Material For Inner Layer Must be Copper, other than That You have Freedom to Choose Any Material Which Doesn't Compromise Mechanical Strength, Aesthetics, ergonomic and User Experiences. 
9) in the Process of Design, The Client have Full Control For Any Improvement Or Correction Within Provided Design.
10) The designer should Consider the Relative Standards for Bottles, Such As Neck Diameter So The production Cost Should Be Minimized.
11) The designer Must Consider The Fall Impact On Bottle with Water filled and without water Filled with Different Height.