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I am looking for T-Shirt Designers for long term work.

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I am looking to start a project in which I'll need a lots of T-Shirts to be designed. There would be other product designs too.

I need the work to be Original and only people who can create original content with utmost sincerity for deadlines must apply. If you violate any copyrights that draw legal action on me, I'll be glad to forward them to you.

Also, I'll hold the copyright of everything that you create for me and I won't take a second thought to take legal action if work is shared with other people. This is a competitive world you see.

To apply please showcase your work. Design a T-Shirt with creative ideas. (don't copy from internet, u can use it to get inspired of course).

Graphics are good to include, but the over all design should be a balance between being funky and elegant, depending upon the Phrase you choose. The designer should posses the vision or an artist apart from just being able to use design tools, thus I'm giving some phrases that can be designed in many ways, I also wanna see the thought and vision or the artist...

Please select any one of the following phrases and design a T-Shirt for it.

1. I'm not Shy... I just Don't Care
2. Why So Serious?
3. Abbe Rulayega Kya?
4. They say Good things always take time, that's why I am always late.
5. Sunshine mixed with a little Hurricane!

Apply with this designed T-Shirt and your portfolio.


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