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I am looking for a DirectAdmin expert on a regular basis

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I am looking for a DirectAdmin expert (on a regular basis). I have several servers where I do all the work myself, but I don’t have time to do this anymore. Most servers run on CentOS 7 and DirectAdmin. 
I have the following jobs on a regular basis that I normally do:

  • Create/ Modify & Delete Admins, Resellers and Users
  • Create/ Modify & Delete Mailboxes
  • Create/ Modify & Delete Backups
  • Create/ Modify & Delete domains (including fixing issues)
  • Create/ Modify & Delete databases
  • Create/ Modify & Delete FTP logins
  • Create/ Modify & Delete SSL certificates (installing Let’sEncrypt)
  • Create/ Modify & Delete all server credentials 
  • Create/ Modify & Delete Spam filters, RBL, folders etc.
  • Create/ Modify & Delete Email addresses
  • Exporting and importing of websites
  • Create/ Modify & Delete DNS settings

I have a Team Management system, where you can login (you will get credentials once you are added to the team) and view the work that is assigned to you. I pay by the hour. The hours are tracked by the Team Management system:
1- You log into my system and start your timecard (Clock-in)
2- While you are logged in, you must be directly available for chat: for me & other developers on the team. 
3- You are actively working on the project during Clock-In Time. If you forget to set the Clock-Out Time, then only the time of last activity on the working server will be the final Clock-Out Time.
If you have read everything above and you are interested , then start your message to me with:  “Whooptydo!”
This is to make sure that you read & understood everything I wrote above….

Now let me know how many hours you will be available for work + your hourly rate & how much experience you have. Looking forward to having you on my team!