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Hiring A Sound Designer For Animated Series

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We are Amuse, a French animation studio specialized in producing web animated shows for young children. We produce shows that are creative, fun and wholesome for our young viewership. As a fast growing, dynamic company we are always looking for new freelance partners to work on our shows.
We are currently hiring several scriptwriters for one of our series. The offer is for a long-term partnership, a steady volume of work per week rather than a singular task. 
If you are interested in this position, you can try your hand through this use case we have prepared for our potential partners, in order to make sure that your style matches what we are looking for. Amuse commits itself to give you feedback within one week from your submission. 
By running it, you will be informed of our quality requirements and find some examples.
We insist on the fact that your submission shall be considered as a simple technical test and can not be construed therefore as an Amuse’s artwork in any way. We undertake and acknowledge then : 
that you are free to use your submission as part of you portfolio, it being agreed that in this event the submission shall be watermarked with the mention “Edited as part of an Amuse submission test”; 
not to ever use and/or permit any use of your submission without your prior written consent. 
Notwithstanding the foregoing, any Amuse’s artwork that may be communicated as part of the test shall remain the Amuse’s sole property and your submission, as including some Amuse’s artwork, shall not in any way be used by and/or sold to a third party, without prior consent of Amuse. 
You will find it here, as well as all additional information about the offer :

I stay available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Kind regards.