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Help me build my brand 'The Crafted' and market its tech product 'TCOMaC' digitally.

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Happy to have you here and thank you for showing interest in this project.

I would request you to kindly move forward only if you are really passionate about the business and branding of the product and confident enough with your work and looking forward to joining a small organization that has the potential to grow with in few years.

You can be a part of it for a longer time. May be Lifetime. I am open to co-founder cum partner.

About Me:

I am Asif Ahmed Founder of brand 'The Crafted' an entrepreneur by heart and with having a die-hard passion for business. I am having traditional textile manufacturing family business which I am working smartly to take it to next level.

I am working on launching my textile products under my private brand name 'The Crafted' and the first textile physical product I am working on to launch in the market is the Saree petticoat and along with saree petticoat, there are 10 more bottom designs like Ladies stretchable pants, Chikan Palazzo, Patiala Salwar, etc. into 100's of colors.

Why Saree Petticoat?

Because there is a problem with saree petticoat Indian women usually face. They usually not able to find matching color petticoat for their saree and also quality. For this I am working on a tech product TCOMaC - The Crafted Online Matching Centre which will help Indian women get matching color petticoat in few click at their doorsteps from amazon.

Webapp can be visited at 

What I want from YOU?

I am looking for an experienced Online Marketer who can create a blueprint of the strategies and can execute them with target and goals. I am looking for a doer who has a passion for building an empire.

I have the product ready which has potential. Let's connect and make it a real little early.

At present, our e-commerce goal will be to start selling at least 100 units per day from next second month through referring from our TCOMaC web app and can increase to more units up to 300 units per day as we will add more our self manufactured products and increase product list in our brand catalog.

So need someone who can plan out strategies, execute them and engage audience through our social media pages and create brand awareness with increase in online sales. 

There are lot more things which cannot be explained in one go. You came till here that means you are interested. Just give a go and connect with me.

I am open to share profit and shares also and you can be my co-founder also as at strategy level I am creating all these things along. I can do further things also but need one hand with whom I can discuss reach the goals.

Looking for a deserving experienced candidate with full proof track record. Also, I am open to a Co-founder cum partner cum investor.

Let's build The Crafted Empire.