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Help innovative IoT company expand in Korea

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WeavAir is an award-winning IoT technology company that harnesses
advanced sensor technology and predictive analytics to improve indoor air
quality, save energy & streamline operations in buildings. WeavAir has
operations in Canada, Taiwan and Korea. The company is a winner of the
prestigious Clean50 Top Project, Le Monde Smart City Award, IoT/WT Innovation
World Cup and was named the “Most Innovative Startup” by SAP. We also received
first place in United Nations Citypreneur competition and received WeGo Smart
City Secretary General's award. WeavAir has been named as one of the top
international startups in Korea by National IT Industry Promotion Agency and
Seoul Global Startup Center.

WeavAir is recruiting creative and driven people who would like to have
a real impact on the world and improve the way our buildings and cities are
managed. You will be given opportunity to learn and grow, manage exciting
projects with large corporate clients and gain invaluable experience working in
a diverse team. Flexible schedule and remote work opportunities are available.
Opportunities for media exposure and work with leaders in private and public
sector will also be available.  There
will be many opportunities for growth and promotion. You will be working at
Pangyo Techno Valley, an innovation park located south of Seoul, and will have
opportunity to meet and network with startup founders from all over the world.
It is Korea's best ICT-based R&D innovation cluster with a total of 5.27
trillion won invested by the South Korean government.  Future projects and other opportunities to
work with the company will be available if successful.

Core responsibilities include:

1) Be available at least between January 25 and July 30, 2019;

2) Must be available to work out of office in Seoul (Pangyo Techno
Valley) 2 hours a day, 5 days a week; 3) Attend relevant conferences and
seminars and make recordings and summaries,

4) Promote company at events (training will be provided);

5) Oversee communications and work with keys partners in South Korea;

6) Assist with product development customized for South Korean market;
Translate company marketing materials and communications between English and