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Guest Post Outreach Expert / Link Prospector

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Very quickly;
Looking for someone who takes pride in their work, has integrity, is professional and can meet deadlines.

Wanting DR30+, min 1000 monthly organic traffic from Tier 1 countries, permanent do-follow links, not marked as sponsored.
If you are working off a bought list and are going to offer me garbage such as VentsMagazine, please move on. I've been working as an SEO for over 14 years.

If you can do this then read the full blurb here;

A. Objective
Build Quality Editorial backlinks for SEO through Guest Posting.

My clients require high quality guest posts, through manual outreach. I run an SEO agency, so we operate in all niches except adult/porn.

B. Procedure
You are expected to provide full range guest posting. I will provide content.

Step 1: Outreach appropriate sites until you get a positive response from the sites
Step 2: Send me their URLs and I will approve suitable sites
Step 3: My writers will prepare content for approved sites.
Step 4: Send content to site, wait for publish
Step 5: Send published URL to me, I release payment

C. Project Scope
I don't have a fixed total budget and currently accept between 20-50 high quality guest posts every month. But, there's no pressure on you to hit a monthly target as I work with multiple freelancers. I just need quality work.

D. What if webmasters ask for money (sponsor fees)?
1. You should negotiate as much as possible (I generally can pay between $10-50 depending on the quality of the target site)
2. After final negotiation, inform me of the sponsor fees needed
3. I will give you a final offer of the sponsor fee + your fee (your fee may be adjusted if the sponsor fees are too high, as I have a set budget according to the quality of the sites)
4. This is a test. Begin the cover letter with 'Job Description Read'
5. If you are ok, we publish. If not ok, we give up on the site

E. Payment
Payment will be made via fixed price and ranges between $40-$85 per post. The amount is determined via our price table with specifies the price depending on the niche relevance of the website and the Ahrefs DR. This document will be sent to you upon request or when contract starts. Payment will be made only when posts are published.

F. Milestone
Please note that as there's no guarantee, no specific timeline and no specific order that guest posts will be published. Hence, I do not put up milestones until the posts are published. Once you send me the published url, I will create and release milestones simultaneously. It is also worthy to point out that I only put up dummy milestones ($5) at the start of our contracts. This is my working style and my ratings are a testament to my trustworthiness.

G. Niche of blogs accepted

I accept only sites that belong in the relevant niches. A full list of accepted niches (such as education, health, lifestyle, fashion, travel, tech, learning, business, etc) will be sent to you when our contract starts.

As a general rule of thumb, I only accept real sites that have traffic (I expect 1000 minimum organic traffic from Tier One countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc).  Please do not send me PBNs or low quality sites (poorly written articles, casino links, fake social media links, less than 20 pages of content, etc) or community blogs (the type that you create an account and post),  web 2.0 blogs, .edu blogs, article directories etc. As well as Ahrefs, I also use Moz Pro and generally reject any sites with spam score higher than 6%.

H. Pre-filtering out low quality sites
You will need to send me the domain url for my approval BEFORE attempting to publish it (i.e submitting content), as I need to check for quality and other issues. As It takes some time for my to review many sites from a few dozen freelancers. I ask that you review and filter out the poor ones before sending me the list for approval. If you keep sending me poor sites it just wastes my time to review them.

I. Link Inserts / Curated Links
We also offer this service to our clients, so you will also be able and willing to outreach for these too.

J. Anchor text

Unnatural anchor text with link inserts is a BIG NO-NO. Knowledge in this area will be very helpful. I can send you or guide you along if you are inexperienced in this.

Guest Posts -  But since I review all content before it's published, it shouldn't be a big issue.

K. How to Apply
Apply for this project with
-Sample guest posts you've created for your clients (Compulsory)
-Any questions not explained on this page, and
-Your understanding of what 'natural anchor text' means
-Your understanding of what 'genuine guest posting' means