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Graphic Designer and Post Writer for a Finance Social Media Page Instagram

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We are looking for an experienced and creative Graphic Designer for the Social Media page specializing in Finance for the general public.

The following tasks are required: 
Develop custom branding for the Instagram Page, including the custom designs for the ‘news’ posts, ‘graphs’, quarterly earnings for the companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft. Earnings reports include items such as net income, earnings per share, earnings from continuing operations, and net sales.
We aim to post daily 2-3 times a day depending on the news cycle. 2-3 posts a day required to be designed and produced, to include the relevant images and data.

The Paige is Finance related so we are looking for someone with understanding, either degree or knowledge in the field who can search and read the stats,  quarterly earnings for the publicly listed companies, understands the stock market, the financial terms and graphs related to the subject, can produce a graph based on financial data such as profit and loss, quarter on quoter and year on year earnings and so forth.

The candidate to have perfect written English and able to use understand and complex sentences and terms related to finance, stock markets and the global economy. Who can without help analyze the news and transform then into short versions suitable for the Instagram page. 

The position can be perfect for a freelancer looking for a stable income devoting 25-30 hours per week alongside his independent projects, freelance work or studies, would suit a student with graphic design skills, who understands and uses Instagram regularly, is into stock market and finance. 

Position is permanent 
$6-8 per hour for 25-30h working week
12 months