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Google Merchant optimization and issue solving

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I'm running a online wine shop in UK launched in April through Shopify. In June I've started using Google ads through smart ads which helped driving sales and traffic to the website. The website has a large catalog of products that has been created in bulk following the same template. 
For the first months the ads were working great and the sales were growing until a month ago when it dropped more than 50%. Looking into Google Merchant  I found out 3 main issues which I'm struggling to resolve. 

1st issue is that my shipping policy is complex and Google Merchant doesn't import it correctly. I have tried to set it manually but there are no options to do so. In easy words, I only ship to UK, which is split between 4 different zones based on post codes. Each zone has 3 rates which are based on the cart amount. The 3 rates apply between £50-£80, £80-£210, over £210. There is a minimum order of £50 so no orders will go through below this amount. Google Merchant doesn't allow zones shipping for UK.

2nd issue appeared lately and is about the dynamic remarketing. I understand that GMC needs a Google Ad Tag implemented into each page. 

3rd issue is related to ''Limited performance due to missing identifiers [gtin, mpn, brand]''. GMC did not imported the brand from each product. Although I have selected the option ''This is a custom product'' the issue has not been resolved. I have then updated the vendor name in Shopify for each product with the name of each wine(GMC imported that information as the brand), however the issue has not yet been sorted. 

As last I have noticed that GMC has flagged my account as not giving enough contact details and for violating the policy regarding the sale of alcohol. The first should have been resolved and for the second I have requested a manual review as apparently those are standard procedures when for sale of wine. 

I'm looking for someone experienced enough to deal with the 3 issues reported above.