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Ghost writer for a Memoir and Autobiography

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Sandeep Khera is exploring the possibility of publishing a book. This is
a mix of autobiography and memoir.

Through this book he wants to share his experiments with life over my
life (55 years).

Sandeep has worked in 5 countries. and travelled to 42 countries.

In 1993 he left India with just $500 in the pocket for New Zealand and
never came back to live in India.

This book will help young ambitious people to dispel confusion and give
them a new perspective towards achieving success. It will create a link between
failure and success and give them fresh solutions in addressing their personal
and professional issues. 

Assumptions/Scope of work


a)      Size of the book: Between 175-200 pages

b)     Each page will have approx. 300
words per page. This means total words in a book: 52,500 to 60,000. The writer
has been engaged to produce a book that up to 60,000 words

c)      This Book will have 10-14 chapters.
Each chapter may have 10-15 pages

d)     This is a fixed price job and size
of the job is determined by number of words i.e., Maximum of 60,000 words

e)     There will be regular project
meetings (at least 2-3/week of at least 1 hour duration)- The frequency and
duration may change if agreed mutually

f)       Duration of the project: 2-3 Months
assuming Sandeep is able to provide all inputs in a timely manner.

g)      Ideally, 80-90% data/information
will be provided to Shashwati before starting the project .  This needs to be provided within 2 weeks of
signing this contract. Shashwati will receive lot of raw data/information from Sandeep
either through interviews, text or audio files etc.

h)     Good work ethics is important from
both the parties. eg meeting deadlines, attending regular meeting on time, open
feedback and excellent quality of outputs

i)       There could be 1-2 iterations as
part of the review/proof reading process for each chapter of the book at no
extra cost

j)       After the book is completed - Sandeep
may decide to engage an editor.  In that
case, writer will work with editor for make reasonable changes as needed.

k)      Writer will help decide on the
format (e.g. memoir versus autobiography), objective and audience of the book
through joint brain storming sessions.