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Generating a profidrive

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Generate a VI with which a PROFIdrive drive repeatedly enables the so-called inching operation in the positive and negative directions.
Your VI should contain two buttons (tap +, tap-) with the following function: As long as the respective button is pressed, the drive moves in the positive direction (tap +) or in the negative direction (tap-). To do this, set the switching behavior (Mechanical Action) of the two buttons to "Switch until released".
Jogging in the positive (or negative) direction is active when the value of 0x01 (or 0x02) is in the higher-order byte of the parameter 967 (control word; U16). For example, value 0x020f in the control word activates jogging in the negative direction. Typing is terminated by value 0x00 in the higher byte of the control word.
Use property nodes for the current value of your button (CreateProperty No-deValue) to query when the respective button is released.

Your VI should always show the current values ​​of the actual position and the status word. Please note the above information on the byte order.
Use the DLL functions GetParameterValue (see above) for reading and SetParameter-Value for writing (see above).