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Full stack rest api cplayer app

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Milestone 1

  • Create REST API to fetch data
  • Create a static view. This view should have angular route path as /my-recommendations.
  • It should contain two sections:
    • Search section
    • Recommendation section
  • Create a search bar with a search button to search Player.
  • Search section will have text field with ID #search-text-field
  • A button to submit search text field content with ID #search-button
  • On submission of search text should query the results from cricapi
  • Display search results.
  • Get the results displayed in search results section.
  • Give an id #search-results to search result section.
  • Search results should show a series of card like components and a card should have the following attributes.
  • Assign .cplayer-card class to each player card and all the cplayer cards displayed in all sections should have the below details with attributes.
    • assign .cplayer_fullName class to describe FullName.
    • assign .cplayer_majorteams class to to describe majorteams.
    • assign .cplayer_imageUrl class to show image.
    • assign .cplayer_country class to show country name.
    • toggle .recommend & .unrecommend classes to recommend and unrecommend buttons.
  • Create a recommend button attached with every player card. Give recommend button a class .recommen
  • Click on Recommend button and the button should change to Unrecommend.
  • The Unrecommend button should have a class .unrecommend and Recommend button should have class .recommend.
  • View recommended cplayer list under my-recommendations section
  • Display all recommended player in this section. Recommended player should be displayed under my-recommendations section.
  • Unrecommend button, button should change to Recommend again, players should disappear from my-recommendations section

Milestone 2

  • Create a Dashboard view (Angular Route /dashboard) with three sections Display Favorite, Player statistics, recommendations for a player from cricpai one under the other.
  • This Dashboard is the default view to be shown.
  • The 3 sections are:
    • Favorite with Id #Favorite.
    • Player statistics with ID #pstatistics.
    • Recommendations tracks with ID #recommended
  • View all Favorite players under Favorite section
  • Display all Player statistics under Player statistics section
  • View all players recommendations from 3rd party tracks service provider (cricapi) under recommendations section

Milestone 3 - Functional Requirements


  • In case of multiple records page should have pagination option to display data in card layout

    Implement Authentication

  • User should not be able to add anything in favorites & recommendation list until logged in.
  • Create Login Page
  • Create Register Page (User’s email address should be a userid)
  • Create Edit Profile / Change Password page (Email address cannot be changed)
  • Upload profile image while register & displaying the same in toolbar after login
  • Encrypt password using bcrypt while storing in database during registration

Milestone 4

  • Implement Test Automation – write Unit Tests for Backend and FrontEnd.
  • Add E2E Test Cases, Dockerize and Implement CI using Gitlab Runner.
  • Create the file with Steps to Execute.

Acceptance Criteria

The final evaluation of submissions if the following is achieved:
  • Meeting the Core functional requirements as stated
  • Write Test Cases with each functionality with all the features
  • Follow the MVC model
  • Evaluation Rubrics (On a Rating from 1 to 10 – wherein 1 is Non Existent to 10 being Exceeded Expectations)
    1. Functional Requirements
    2. Non-Functional Requirements
    3. Code Quality
    4. Standards, Styles and Guidelines
    5. Aesthetics and Accessibility