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Full stack React + Python dev needed to architect/build a web portal and React chatbot

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Project Summary
Looking for someone to help create a conversational AI (aka Chatbot) service that our company would host in our cloud and would offer to customers

This service would be based on Rasa stack open source components
Rasa NLU and Rasa Core
Github demo available here
Our service would consist of two components
A React-based Rasa chatbot that can our customers can integrate into their web apps as desired and can communicate back to our cloud service (React Rasa bot example here)
A React-based web service and portal that serves 2 functions
An admin interface for our team to provision new customers, manage customer activity, disable customer accounts
A customer interface that enables the customer to view analytics on their chat bots (top topics, message duration, etc.)
Our service will be hosted in the cloud (probably AWS), but we will potentially want to deploy the service fully at a customer’s premises or in their private cloud, depending on customer requirements, so please keep this in mind as you architect a solution.
Each chat will need to be sent to a customer supplied email address, once the chat session completes. We will add requirements here at a later date, but something for you to keep in mind for the time being.

For the time being, we’ll need to get the React-based chatbot and web service / portal up and running. Specifics on the analytics / visualizations that we’ll add, user management, etc. will be detailed out at a later time.

You’ll need to have experience with Python, React, and conversational AI / NLU.

If interested, we would like you to provide your overall, high-level approach to how you’d architect this solution, and any reference work that is similar that you could provide.

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