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Front-end Software Engineer - Angular

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Do you have strong skills in developing Angular web applications? Are you excited about working on new products and ideas? Do you love taking beautifully crafted designs and clear stakeholder requirements and turning them into fully functional web apps? If the answers are yes - then this role is a perfect fit for you!

What you will be doing:
  • You'll focus most of your day turning new product specifications and high-fidelity designs into fully functional web apps.
  • When a task is finished and reviewed, you can present it to stakeholders and get quick feedback so you can iterate fast.
  • You'll also be reviewing the work of other team members, ensuring that they are following common development best practices and guidelines before their work reaches customers.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Maximize the reuse of component from 3rd party UI libraries to produce high-quality production apps following a high-fidelity design and a product specification
  • Iterate daily by communicating with senior stakeholders on  interesting new product features and feedback
  • Integrate UI prototypes with real backend APIs to make apps production-ready and shippable
  • Review features implemented by other developers on the team
Candidate Requirements:
  • Minimum 3 years of UI software development experience
  • Minimum 1 year of Angular 2+ development experience
  • Good English verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced process with daily feedback loops