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Front End Developer - Interactive Front Panel UI's for web application

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Dear freelancer,

I am looking for a Front End Developer with HTML5 and JavaScript experience to help me to create some interactive front panel UI's, which I want to integrate later to my website
Attached you find an example, which shows some of the animated interactions I am looking for. I have in total 14 UI's that need to be made interactive. I have all UI's ready in illustrator. For most of the devices I would send you a video of the real devices, where I would show the interaction with every single button. The image in the attachment shows 10 of the 14 devices. The other 4 a slight variations of devices, which have only a few buttons.
In most cases the interactive element is as follow
- toggle function (light on/off or color white/blue),
- long press function (2-3sec)
- Numerics, which can be manipulated via UP/DOWN key
- Function only available, when I press a certain other button first
- Please expect 1 round of fine tuning/iterations, after you delivered the files

There is no hard deadline to the project, but it should be preferably be realized within 4weeks.
Are you interested in such a project and are you able to realize this work?

Looking forward to hear from you