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Flying Drone for construction activities like cutting, bending, and tying bars

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When we construct a concrete building or concrete structure, say, bridge, dam, culvert, etc. we use steel. The reason concrete construction takes a long time is because of steel cutting, bending, tying the rebars and obviously concrete takes 28 days to achieve strength. We cannot change the 28 days of setting time for concrete but we can make some changes to the steel bars.

I would like to design a drone that can be able to cut, bend, then hold and finally tie the steel bars. If all of this cannot be done in one drone, then you can design two drones. The drone should be able to cut the bars as requested or as the values are entered. Then the drone should also bend the bars into various shapes as used in construction. Please search different shapes of stirrups used in construction. The drone/drones will then hold the rebars, for tying them. The drone can hold the rebar at any point except at the point where it needs to be tied.
The drone needs to then detect the intersection, or the intersection can be input to them manually or using AutoCAD. Once detected the drone will tie the bars.
For more information about what needs to be cut, bend, hold and tied, please refer to similar youtube videos. (Drone to be useful to cut bars like this, hold them and then tie them as well. If you have any suggestions please feel free to discuss)

I had designed a machine that can cut and bend the rebars. Also, I had designed a machine that can tie the steel bars. The problem with them is they are expensive to construct and heavy to transport. But you can use the data of those machines, i.e. you can copy the controller, working system, data, etc. from that machine to paste it into the drone data.

Please submit your quote with the time required for completion.