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Flutter Developer Needed - Full Time Permanent Work

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Company Introduction
Bozar is an ecommerce shopping platform whose main aim is to digitalizing local vendors and give them a online presence they need and make them prepared for the business. We give them the platform to sell online and manage shipping. Currently we operate in 2 cities in Assam. But we are expecting to expand this is 12 cities end of this year. Bozar is one app for all.

Job Description
We need a good knowledgeable Flutter Developer. If you know php larval with flutter it’s a Huge Huge Bonus. It will increase the chances of your hiring. No experience is required if you know flutter well and know how to modify and understand others code.

Skill Required
• Flutter
• Php
• Larvel
• Api
• Google Map Api !important
• Integrating Flutter with Php Larvel
• MySql or NoSql ( Its upto you)

Main Job you ll be performing
You need modify/customize a existing Swiggy/Zomato like app. You need to modify it in a way like it is suitable for all need like Grocery, Pharmacy, Electronic. We ll help you through out the design process but you have make the chances.

Remote Period & Job Confirmation
First 45days you ll work as an intern your salary will be (5000 INR). We ll check if you are capable of doing this job. If you can make the changes and do all the responsibilities, we give you. You will surely get the job for sure no doubt about it. These 45 days will be remote work. You can work from home. After 45 days you need to work in office ( if the current Covid-19 situation gets well or you ll continue to work from home). The office location will be Guwahati, Assam or Kolkata, West Bengal.

Salary Details
Salary Range :- 15K – 100K INR Per Month
Every 3 month 5k will be increased in your salary. It will be completely based on your work. If you work hard we will pay hard.

Future Perks
If you word hard. You can be the lead developer in our company. Because you are one of the first developer we are hiring full time. Your Knowledge and dedication will decide everything.
Bonus:- You will get 0.5 – 2% of Equity

Full of Opportunity but in the end its all up you and your skill only.