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Fix bugs/Erros existing cricketing scoring module

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You must be Cricket Lover to work on requirement. You must know cricketing rules so that you can make logics.

Your job will be to fix bugs/error or add any new functionality which you feel not yet added in existing app.

We are developing an android app for all real sports and for that we are adding each game scoring module.

present developer who is working as freelancer not giving proper time
to complete our cricket scoring module. He almost completed 85%
requirement but he is having time problem due to servicing in company.

few things are left those you can analyze yourself. I will show you
android, php codes through teamviewer and give you apk and reference

If you give proper time it will not take 2-3 days maximum to complete remaining work.

Payment Terms:

I will deposit 50% amount.
You will complete remaining tasks and give final apk to test.
All errors/bugs you need to fix. After fully testing I will deposit remaining 50%
You will provide all source codes and after checking I will release milestones.

If you are not agree on above terms, please don't waste your proposal.

If you are agree then please write "Cricket" in starting of your proposal else I will assume that spam.

If you provide timely and quality work, you may get work for another game scoring module.

Apart from above what extra you can provide please let me know.