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Find matches between a restaurant menu item and cooking recipes

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You will be given a link to a web site on which you will see a page like this one:
At the top of the page category and a name of a menu item from a restaurant menu is shown.
Below you can see 5 options of recipes

Your task is to estimate, which recipe (or recipes) matches the menu item description (category and name).

You can select one or more recipes (don't select more than 3, though) or
you can reject all the 5 recipes if you consider them not fit the menu item description

For example, at the link provided above menu item category is "Starters", menu item name is "Mozzarella and Prosciutto";
The 5 recipe options are:
1. "Prosciutto and Mozzarella Bruschetta"
2. "Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella"
3. "Prosciutto and Mozzarella Cheese Wrap"
4. "Gooey Proscuitto-Wrapped Mozzarella"
5. "Prosciutto Basil and Mozzarella Crostini"

The top choices would be 2 and 4. They both have prosciutto and mozzarella as ingredients, and they do not contain important ingredients not mentioned in the description of the menu item : "Bruschetta" (recipe #1), "Grape Tomatoes" (recipe # 3), "Crostini with Baguette" (recipe # 4)

Such ingredients as salt, pepper, etc. are not significant for the recipe/menu item descriptions

In general the closest recipes would include all ingredients mentioned in the menu item name and not include those ingredients which are not mentioned in the menu item name

If you don't think that any of the 5 recipes match menu item, press reject all buttin
If you selected one or more recipes, press Enter

After you press "Enter" or "Reject all" button, a new screen will appear with new menu item and 5 new recipe options

There's approximately 6 thousand menu items in total

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