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Financial planning and accounting

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Ours is a Trading company, dealing with Multiple suppliers in different countries and selling to multiple buyers in different countries.

we need to arrange these in a way, so as MNGT we can get a clear understanding :-

1. how much outstanding we have to get from our buyers
2. how much outstanding payment needs to be done to our suppliers
we need to know in total and also also indiviual accounts of each buyer and each supplier.

3. also we have expenses done to execute the order. so it is also recorded as we get a clear view of it.
4. if we need to get how mjuch a buyer has bought from us in 1 year, we should be able get from the data's
4. how we bought from each supplier in a month or a year, we can get from it,
5. also if we can keep track of all incoming in our company account and also all out going to match with bank statement.
6. also what other reports can be generated for the MNGT to get a good view of the companies performance.

7. we also work with many agents in different markets, commissions are paid to them. so we need to get a accounts statements for each agent from the above accounts. 

8. sometime we need some data to be shared , so can we only take out from it what we need to shared.  not all.

9. can we make the Purchase orders & Sales orders in the system which can be generated