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Fantasy Sports Enthusiast required in Mumbai to manage all daily Contest related admin work

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We are the 2 Foreigners In Bollywood and we are about to launch a new fantasy sports application in India. We are looking to hire one experienced fantasy sports enthusiast and player to be our first key employee of this company. The job will be to be in charge of managing all the match and contest related work in the admin panel. In the beginning the app will be for daily fantasy cricket and daily fantasy football.

The work will be full time and it will include the following tasks:

Decide what matches to publish.

  • Look what the main competitors are doing on a daily basis and follow that. Example: Dream11, MyTeam11, FanFight, 11Wickets.

Create contests for each match.
  • Look at the main competitors and see what types of contests they are hosting.
  • Look at the size and playing patterns of our user base and figure out what types of contests will work well for that.
  • Learning from doing and all the time improve the understanding of what type of contests are popular based on previous experience and data.
  • Look at competitors and at our data to figure out what kind of fee structure should be applied to different types of contests to optimise profit.
  • Continuously creating new contests for each match as they get full and update them with regards to what is suitable according to the user behaviour and depending on how much time is left until the match starts.

Monitor data feeds
  • Make sure that the players presented for each team in a match is correct and that the names and positions are correct. Also manage team jerseys and player pictures when applicable. Control the feed information with external sources to make sure everything is correct. 
  • Control that the playing 11 is presented correctly 30 minutes to 1 hour before the match. Make sure that it is reflected in the data feed and in the app so users can see which players are playing as soon as the information is public.* Control that the score for each match has been reported correctly by the data feed.
  • Once the scores have been verified and controlled: Decide the winners and close the contests related to the match. 

Communicate with the customer service team - Keep an ongoing dialogue
  • To understand what issues the customers are facing and correct issues related to matches and contests.
  • To hear what requests the customers might have for new matches and contests.

Skills and previous experience that is a must to have, is that you are a passionate fantasy sports player and have been so for at least a few years. That you know the ins and outs of the big fantasy sports applications in the Indian market. You also have to be fluent in English and Hindi. We are based in Mumbai and so do you have to be since we'll be working closely together on a daily basis.

What is good to have is previous experience in any fast-growing consumer internet start-up preferably in online gaming or e-commerce.


To apply for this job, please answer these following five questions in as much detail as possible:

1. Tell us about your experience playing fantasy sports so far? How long have you been playing? How often do you play and on what platforms do you play? 

2. Why would you be a good fit for this position? 

3. What do you think are the key factors to keep in mind in order to maintaining a solid and successful contest structure in a Fantasy Sports Application?

4. Tell us about your previous work experience and how that can come in handy when taking on this job?

5. Tell us what you think about the Indian Fantasy Sports market and the different companies active there. Please rank your top three Fantasy Sports Apps and explain why you think they are the best.