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Facebook Ads Campaign Manager

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We are looking for somebody experienced in running Facebook website conversion ad campaigns with high ROAS, ideally a former Facebook employee.

Evidence of previous success is preferred.

This individual will need to have their own aged and used business managers and ad accounts on which to run ads.
They would need to be able to manage Facebook pages, add content, interact with visitors and comments.
And also be able and willing to deal by themselves with ad rejections and account/BM shut downs.

Highly desirable is the knowledge and ability to research winning ads in the niche on Facebook and help reverse engineer top pages and funnels in the niche.

The research will be used to make variant ad copy and images and landing pages which will then be used to make more assets to give to them to run and test.

As part of this process I and my team would need access to the BMs as an admin.

If any freelancer who fits this description has colleagues with a similar skill set then their applications can also be considered.