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Facebook Ad Accounts

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Hi, I am currently scaling my e-commerce brand, however, am running into cap spend limit issues on my current FB ad account (that I am still resolving). So I am looking to rent someone else's FB ad account so I can scale further.

So I am looking to run my ads on someone else's ad account, in which I can spend at least 1KUSD per day on the ad account as soon as I get access ( (so I would be able to spend 1K USD per day immediately on the ad account no warm up needed). Before we start order, I MUST confirm, I can add in my USA credit card to the ad account as well as actually spend 1KUSD per day campaign on the ad account as soon as I get access to the ad account (no warmup needed), as well as set the time zone in USA PST Los Angeles/California time zone. If all goes well you will be paid a monthly fee for me to rent and run ads on your ad account.

Keep in mind I will still be running the ads ( I am not looking for someone to run my ads), I am looking to run my own ads on someone else's ad account.