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Explainer and/or feature videos for website.

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We need good freelancers or artists to make up to 10 feature videos for our website -

Current budget for each video is up to $35 but extendable to $50 if the artist/videos are excellent. Any freelancer who wishes to apply for this project MUST visit the website first and make a sample 1-3 minute video ON ANY TOPIC OR ASPECT OF that they like.

Freelancers/artists who apply for this project must also submit a link to their previous work along with the SAMPLE video. Freelancers who submit this sample video are urged to add their name and contact info to the video of they wish to.

Sample video must be sent on or before 17 Feb 2021 .. 00:00 GMT

Applications without Sample video will NOT be entertained and accepted. If some freelancer/artist sends in such an application it automatically indicates to us that the freelancer/artist cannot understand simple basic instruction, or does not follow basic project rules & guidelines --- (either way, it is something that we would prefer not to have). In case, your work is shortlisted, will give the contract to you.

All SAMPLE videos made will belong to Mokusei Intelligence and will be unpaid. And we will showcase good videos on our YouTube/fb/Twitter/Instagram.

This way, even if freelancers/artists DO NOT get the contract, their work will automatically get advertised & showcased in our network.

a) The purpose of the sample video is to check what aspects about the website/ does the freelance really like and chooses to showcase to others.

b) It will help us understand whether freelancers are capable of using whatever material is available and accessible to them or not.

c) It will help us understand which freelancers are smart enough to be able to read and understand content on the website thoroughly first before jumping in and applying for this project/task.

d) It will also tell us how fast can the freelancer/artist make the video -- at what quality -- at what level of creativity -- and so on.

Freelancer/artist shortlisted for the contract will be expected to inform us later what software or service they used to make the video.


So anyone interested in this project may please visit https(:)//vallued(.)ai and check out the website first.

Freelancers/artists are requested to apply to this project ONLY IF THEY THEMSELVES like the idea/concept behind We would prefer to work with artists/freelancers who love what we do as well -- that way we can be sure that the freelancer/artist is truly engaged and immersed in the project.

---- Applications from Agencies will NOT be entertained and accepted.

We want applications or interests from individual freelancers/artists only.