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Expert Web Searchers Only - Search for Referral Programs

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This work require an Expert Web Searcher, persistent, independent person and various days of work, if you don't have the patience and persistence to work intensively for at least 3 days even if you don't find nothing and give up after some hours of working, then DON'T SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL! DON'T WASTE MY TIME!

This is not an easy job that anyone can do it.

The work consist in finding Refer a Friend/Referral Programs from websites worldwide that offers Hotels/Accommodation reservations.

Example: airbnb .com/invite

The purpose is to find the most number of Qualifying Refer a Friend Programs, at least 10. Will give you a bonus if you will find more results. And will give you other similar jobs to do.
If you will not find enough results, will give you a compensation anyway based on how many qualifying results you find.

Qualifying Refer a Friend Programs conditions:
-The total amount of reward/bonus received between the person who invite and the friend invited, have to be more than 20,00 Euro or equivalent.
-The  total amount of reward/bonus received have to be over 50% of the minimum amount required to spend on the reservation AND  have to be over 50% of the cheapest room/accommodation available in the website.
If there is not a minimum amount required to spend then the Total reward have to be over 50% of the cheapest room/accommodation available in the website.
(Example: if you invite a friend who make a reservation of at least 50 euro, you both will receive 15 euro as reward. This means the total reward is 30 euro, the minimum you must pay for a reservation to be valid is 50 euro, so 30/50 = 60%)
-If the reward is offered in percentage of discount on the reservation instead of a money credit, the total amount of discount received have to be more than 50% of the minimum reservation spend AND the cheapest room available.
(Ex. the person who invite receive 20 euro and the friend invited receive 40% discount on a minimum of 50 Euro reservation. Total reward is 20+20 euro, so 40/50 = 80% total reward).
-If you find Referrals that give points, the rule for points is that if the Total amount of points value is less than 50% of the cheapest room available on the website, then is not qualifying for this project.
-The website that offer the Refer a Friend program can be a platform that offers hotels/accommodation from different brands, countries (Ex. Agoda or Expedia), OR can be a website from a hotel chain that has lots of hotels OR can be a website that offer vacation rentals (homes, apartments) worldwide or on some countries only. 
Cannot be websites for a single hotel or few hotels/accommodations (need at least 100 of options).
-The Referral Programs have to be online, not offline. Meaning that the invites have to be made online.
-Referrals Programs that are excluded:,,,,,

Doesn't matter:
-the language of the website (use the translator in chromium browser to search on different languages)
-how famous or not is the website
-from which country the website is from
-on which country the program is valid for
-the currency of the website

You can use any tools/ways you want to find the results, the important thing is to find it.
Suggestion where to search: Search Engines, referral codes aggregator websites, Forums, Blogs, Articles, Social Networs/Reddit


Don't candidate for this work if you don't have experience on searching online and don't have persistence to do a good work and give up in the middle of the job, will save your time and mine.

The task need patience and deep search to find the results.


Write in your proposal:
The languages you can read
What's your experience and skills of searching online? How many jobs done on this sector? Show proof
Are you a persistent and organized person that don't give up at the first failure or in the middle of the job?
Are you willing to provide a sample of the job to show that you are suitable for the job?
Write your telegram nickname