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Executive Digital Marketing Assistant & Project Manager

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10 /Hr

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Hey :-)

"My Lifestyle Business" is an online business training and coaching platform helping people of all walks of life build and scale their online business (niches: coaches, digital marketers, online course creators). "PPC University" is an online course platform helping digital marketers become Google certified. "Sadashiva" is a web platform helping people find their purpose based on introspection and a system involving spiritual practice and meditation. 

This is for a long-term, ongoing intervention that could for example start as a half-time gid, but with the purpose of building a long-term full-time collaboration as my lead digital marketing person and right hand guy or girl.

Therefore, I am looking for a highly qualified digital marketing assistant to assist me in daily activities pertaining to project management, team management, digital marketing technical implementations (marketing funnels and automation marketing with SendinBlue and Convertri) and ongoing conversion optimization.

Project management:
* managing projects with the help of Basecamp, Skype and Google Hangouts
* assisting me with online business course development and content integrations to WordPress and LearnDash
* supervising 1 social media channel manager
* assisting me with the management of my online business course at  (5 students enrolled in a beta course, weekly live broadcast meetings)
assisting me to collect chat questions during live broadcasts and webinars on Facebook Live and YT Live.
* assisting with ongoing marketing course development (course content review, video scripts review, uplaod of course content to WordPress)

Human resources :
* Currently I employ 1 CTO, 1 Lead web developer, 1 social media manager, 1 online course manager

Digital Marketing
* overseeing the technical implementations and the optimization of marketing funnels and Lead Gen (tools: Convertri, Convertful, SendinBlue, WooCommerce, WordPress LearnDash)
* testing the Lead Generation flow, trouble shooting and communicating with web team and myself about perceived problems and corrective measures for optimization
* Overseeing the implementation of the social media plan on a day-to-day basis
* Able to suggest email marketing sequences and overseeing the implementation and the content creation

Operations Management
* analyzing marketing processes and documenting the latter to help me build a foundation upon which to control and optimize performance, onboard new team members, etc.

* good sense of aesthetic visual design 
* detail oriented, meticulous, thorough
* capable of making suggestions for content and capable to overseeing the production and dissemination process (video, social media posts, and blog articles)
* Team player with a positive attitude, good communicator
* Self-reliant, autonomous
* Receptive to spirituality, meditation or yoga etc a plus  
* helping our online community of students succeed and genuinely caring for their success and well-being

You are not expected to be proficient right away in all of the aforementioned activities and tool sets. Rather, you are given the time to progressively acquire the knowledge and the expertise to grow into your position as an pivotal member of my digital marketing team. 

Base salary: 5 to 10$/hour during the start-up phase of the business (approx. 6 month), followed by pertinent salary increase depending on your qualifications. Annual salary raise. 13th month paid.

Growth opportunities in terms of position, responsibility and pay.
I want you to thrive, learn, grow, convert and have fun!