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Excel - Search and isolate keywords from description

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The task consists of an item description "name" (column B) to identify the phone model and separately in the column "model" (column G) write / insert = phone model type.
Phone model Type should be a maximum of 30 characters long but contain all model specifications.
There are 36,606 data records to edit.

Of course you can use Excel's filter function or other algorithms.

Please be sure to consider the small features in the model name, such as:
Pro, Max, Ultra, +, Plus and many more abbreviations

Knowledge about different mobile phone models.
Structured working
Conscientious, fast work

There is a sample Excel for orientation
Sample after approx. 2000-5000 data records

With fast and conscientious processing, several follow-up orders with more and fewer data records follow.
Regular maintenance (approx. every 2-3 months) is also required.

i hope you like this task and look forward to your offer.
Price would be for all 35606 records or even blocks per 10,000 records are in order.
Amount is a placeholder.


Coloured Drawing
Pattern IMD Workmanship Soft TPU Protective Case For Galaxy A50(Elf Purple
Marble) = Samsung Galaxy A50

Coloured Drawing
Pattern IMD Workmanship Soft TPU Protective Case For Galaxy A20e(Purple Amber
Marble) = Samsung Galaxy A20e

Plum Blossom Pattern
Diamond Encrusted Leather Case for Galaxy J3 (2018), with Holder & Card
Slots(Plum brown) = Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)

3D Pattern Colored
Drawing Horizontal Flip Leather Case for Galaxy A8s, with Holder & Card
Slots & Wallet & Lanyard(Love Butterfly) =  Samsung Galaxy A8s

Universal PU Sports
Armband Case with Earphone Hole for Galaxy S IV / i9500 / i9300 (Red) =
Samsung Galaxy S4

For Galaxy Note 8
Ultra-thin Shockproof TPU + PC Protective Back Case with Holder (Gold) =
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

For Galaxy A3(2017)
/ A320 Litchi Texture Horizontal Flip Leather Case with Magnetic Buckle &
Holder & Card Slots & Wallet(Black) = Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)