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Erotica writing about hindu king prithviraj chauhan and his buxom bride Sanyogita and Muhammad Ghori

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Prithviraj defeated Ghori in first battle of tarain 1191 AD by using his huge hindu army. But ghori escaped from battlefield and prithviraj married sanyogita and was fucking sanyogita continuously day and night non-stopping. Ghori came back again mainly to rape Sanyogita and to butcher potent Prithviraj in the second battle of Tarain 1192 AD.

In the second battle of Tarain 1192 AD, prithviraj's hindu army was nearly 50 times bigger than ghori's small muslim army. But ghori attacked suddenly in early morning when prithviraj was drilling deep into the honey-pot of sanyogita and crushed Prithviraj's big potent nuts and repeatedly raped his beautiful wife Sanyogita in front of her handsome fat chubby hubby and then killed prithviraj in front of his raped wife Sanyogita.

This is the synopsis. I need detailed erotic story about this and will pay accordingly.

Willing writers please contact me.

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