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Enhance a book for publishing - proofread, edit & apply visual aids diagrams/images/etc

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Need an editor to do an end to end editing on a book (<200 Pages). It's based on business leadership and coaching and team motivation. 
You would be required to proof read, do a comprehensive line edit, reformatting , rearrange topics and also apply the necessary visual aids like diagrams, images etc based on the content, to make the book more engaging and pleasant.

My book is already written and I am looking for manuscript critique, addressing structural issues, fixing my writing style and language use (if it needs fixing) at the sentence and paragraph level.

I want you to focus on the way that I have used language to communicate my thoughts and story to my potential readers. 

To ensure that my language is clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read. Conveys an appropriate sense of atmosphere, emotion, and tone.  Have I chosen the right words to convey a precise meaning, or did I use broad generalizations and clichés to be fixed  

You will collaborate with us and be in control for the final manuscript that will be sent to publisher for printing. here is a breakdown of some of your tasks
  • Line editing and proofreading 
  • Choosing the right layouts and format and fonts for the pages
  • Typesetting, Images, Illustrations
  • Updating Outline Book Cover Design (Front & Back)
  • Diagrams/charts  will need to be created to illustrate main concepts. 
  • Book Layout Design will need to follow International Publishing Standards (IPS)
You will need to be creative to come up with suggestions and ideas to enhance the chapters and be able to research the net for appropriate images. 

Past similar experience experience in writing and or editing creating a similar projects,  large or small is preferred.