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English to Hindi Translation of Audio Book Summary

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Hi all,
Need to translate Book Summary in Audio Script, very easy and day to day Hindi should be used. Around 4,000 Words, I will pay Fix Price of 400-500 Rs, if you can do with utmost accuracy than only apply. No Time pass please.

Please attach a sample translation of this:

 Power of Now - Audiobook Summary

 What’s in it for me?
Many of us spend our time either trapped in the regret-filled past or anxious about a future we cannot hope to control. Yet at the same time we also cling to the hope that we can somehow improve our lives, become happier and find enlightenment, even though we have no clear idea of how to do so. Enter ​ThePowerofNow ​ , bestselling author and renowned spiritual guide Eckhart Tolle provides readers with several methods for navigating the complex terrain of their inner lives and their relationships to the past, present and future. At the heart of Tolle’s (very practical) philosophy is an emphasis on living in the present moment as a way to avoid most of the pain that we usually experience. To this end, the book focuses on the connection between the mind and suffering, offering a variety of perspectives on the numerous self-destructive ways that we use our minds – for example, to trap ourselves in cycles of suffering and stop ourselves from being happy. ThePowerofNow ​ has helped millions of people to improve their lives, including their relationships with others, and, crucially, to increase their sense of self-esteem and fully engage with their lives.

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