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Emotional Advisors, help others with their relationship issues.

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This exactly job position is currently NOT available for applicants in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. There might be other opportunities open for people in the mentioned countries if you apply directly through our website. 
Any other applicants might apply but with strict understanding that the current paying rate is $6 usd an hour.

Relationship Hero, the biggest relationship coaching service in the world, is looking for coaches who are passionate about helping other individuals resolve their relationship dilemmas.

No particular education is required. An ideal applicant has knowledge of relationship dynamics, enjoys working as a part of a team and takes initiative.We value coaches who are compassionate, insightful, self-motivated and have the ability to be objective and empathetic at the same time.

As a Relationship Hero Coach, you will be certified to provide coaching to clients all over the world, and helping them achieve their Relationship goals.We are looking for candidates who have the aptitude to be trained for the role. Skills we look for:
> Empathetic & Compassionate
> Energized by helping others
> Good writer
> Typing speed 50wpm+ (100% necessary)
> Tech savvy
> Fast learner
Excellent English, written and verbal (you should be able to maintain a fluid, creative conversation in English. Grammar mistakes are okay-ish as long as you are able to be understood and your tone remains secure. This is not a telemarketing position, scripts will be provided but you will have to converse fluidly. If your English is not good enough that's alright, but this position won't probably be for you at the moment).Access to reliable, fast internet while working (Equipment can be provided in case your computer isn't good enough).

We pay $6 usd an hour as a starting salary, with a real possibility of achieving substantially higher wages based on your productivity and quality of coaching. The company continues to grow at a fast pace, so new opportunities could be opened soon too!

This is a full time position, 40 hours per week ONLY. WE DO NOT OFFER PART TIME AT THIS TIME. We are a 24x7 service so you can set flexible hours and even do overtime at a higher rate (if you decide to, overtime is never enforced here). You won't be forced to wake up at a certain hour to start working, you can set your hours as you please (although we would appreciate if sometimes you can shift a couple of hours to fit our needs but this will not be that usual). You can work remotely anywhere in the world.If you think you are a good fit for this role go ahead and apply now here