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Embedded linux programming of real-time system, linux , C++

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Programming of Real-Time Systems , linux , C++ ", you are asked to realize
servocontrol in position of a rotating machine with direct current. For this purpose, the equipment
your disposition is as follows:
- EMG30: DC brushless motor, with 2 Hall effect rotor position sensors, and reducer
integrated mechanics
- EMG30 control / command board: bidirectional DC motor control, conditioning
Hall effect sensors, galvanic isolation between control and power
- Raspberry Pi 3
- PIC16F84A microcontroller
- Additional electronic components required: passive components, active components for
logic level matching, 12V supplies, ...
The Raspberry Pi computer will mainly provide real-time control of the MCC, in
applying a digital PID correction. This is an enslavement in angular position, this
magnitude will be the magnitude to be measured. The control variable will be the voltage across the
MCC, which will be varied by Pulse Width Modulation.
The microcontroller will be mainly responsible for interpreting the Hall effect sensor signals, for
translate them into a motor axis angle. It will therefore be able to provide real-time information
angle at the RPi, when asked.
The control / command board serves as an interface between signal and power domains