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Email Marketing using godaddy email, other email marketing programs.

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Each week we will send you a several email topics and pictures.

we want you to create new email addresses in google.  Send a few emails from it to us back and forth to make sure the email address is sending and receiving properly.

Then we want you to email 5-10 emails each day to a list of individuals.  Each email will be different and they need to be spread throughout the day, starting early in the morning 7 am eastern time and throughout the day from different email addresses.  We are okay with you automating them, but they have to go out each day of the week and the content of the emails cannot be "copy and paste."  

Your job is to monitor the inboxes and spamboxes.  Your job is to report who emailed us back from those emails and what they want.

forward emails for samples to our sampling team, forward emails about sales to our sales team, emails asking to be removed remove them.

also your job is to provide a report by email at the end of the week of how many emails were opened, and how many were clicked on.  

so your jobs are 1.  create new email addresses every week to stay out of spam boxes.  2.  create fresh emails each week with the information and pictures we give you 3.  send 5-10 emails per day to people on our list using different email 4.  Monitor the inboxes and spamboxes and forward the emails, remove addresses, make sure emails are getting to the inbox and not spambox. 5. send an email weekly saturday or earlier detailing how many emails were sent, how many were opened, how many went to our website.