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We are on the hunt for a sharp and innovative Emailing Marketing Specialist. In this position, you will be required to oversee all aspects of email marketing campaigns, including market research, content creation, and the dissemination of copy. As an Email Marketing Specialist, you will also be required to collaborate with coworkers across departments to ensure maximum uptake of offerings.

To be successful as an Email Marketing Specialist, you should demonstrate the ability to create accessible, engaging, and memorable texts. Ultimately, an outstanding Email Marketing Specialist will remain abreast of technological developments that facilitate the dissemination and monitoring of campaign features.

Email Marketing Specialist Responsibilities:
- Conducting market research to better comprehend prevailing consumer behaviors.
- Reviewing our former campaigns to ascertain areas of strength and weakness, which could inform subsequent outputs.
- Conceptualizing marketing campaigns that speak directly to the pain points of existing and prospective clientele.
- Creating a well-written copy that is free from mistakes.
- Collaborating with Graphic Designers to improve the appearance layout of outputs.
- Maintaining a database of customers who have opted to receive our correspondence.
- Distributing emails through the use of automation software.
- Monitoring and reporting on the utility of each campaign.

Email Marketing Specialist Requirements:
- Proven experience creating high-impact, unique marketing campaigns.
- Prior database management experience, preferably in a similar role.
- Familiarity with pertinent automation and performance evaluation software.
- Excellent project management skills specific to marketing.
- Outstanding copy-writing and copy-editing abilities.
- Ability to harness collaboration to produce well-crafted content.
- Drive, ingenuity, and gumption.
- Willingness to work extended hours to ensure that projects are completed, as needed.

Past Experience with US, AU, CA