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Elevator Pitch - Digital Marketing

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I want to start a digital marketing company.

I want the client to know about my services in a short amount of time. For which I want an elevator pitch.

I am looking for someone who can help me do that.

If you are interested, please answer the following questions:

1) What are common mistakes in elevator pitch and how would you solve them.

2) Send a sample of an elevator pitch.

3) If you do not have a sample, Then answer the following question:

Lets say, you are the bakery owner. You make good choco chip Cookies.

You are in a networking event.

You met a person who is organizing a tea party in his office tomorrow.

He looking for a bakery who can supply him with choco chip cookies tomorrow.

He wants 1000 choco chip cookies, by tomorrow morning.

He wants them made and delivered tomorrow. 

He doesn't have much time to look for a supplier within a short time frame.

He has to organize the tea party.

He just met you and is asking you if you know one.

He doesn't know you are the bakery owner. He is asking you just like that.

Now, what will you say to him?

You have only have one minute to make your pitch.
Choose what you would say wisely.

Your pitch must have these 3 points in them:

- Who are you?
- How are you unique?
- How is it beneficial to me?

4) When will you be online for discussion.

Have a nice day