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Editor for Icy Tales and Icy Canada - Full Time Position - 8,000 INR/Month

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We are looking for an editor for and 

Long term, monthly, with bonus (8k base pay, and up to 2k bonus depending on work).

The writer needs to know:

- How Wordpress works
- What is meta description
- What is original content 

Job responsibilities:

Assigning and Editing Content

  • Assign writers topics. 
  • Talk to writers, and ensure they deliver content on time.
  • Writers need to upload content on the Wordpress sites, according to the guidelines.
  • Once uploaded, please edit the content according to SEO guidelines.
  • Check for plagiarism and other errors on Grammarly and Copyscape. 
  • Provide essential feedback to writers for them to get better.
  • We need 3-4 articles for each of the two sites, every day, to be scaled up later to around 7-8 each.

Share and Post Once published, need to share the post on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (can be scheduled through one platform)
  • Please check the software on the Add New Post page on icytales
  • Stay in touch with writers. 
  • You can schedule posts for next days to ensure we have content all the time.
  • Be careful with plagiarism. Don’t let any plagiarized content pass through!!!
  • Don’t forget Featured image

For the SEO guidelines, I advise you to make the writers learn the SEO checklist, once you do it yourself :) 

- Create a SEO title.
- Please create a page meta description.
- Please create the page meta keywords.
The page content needs to:
  • have images.
  • bold words.
  •  italic words.
  • underlined words.
  •  subheading tags (h1, h2, h3).
Keyword in the First 100 words and the last 100 words Include:
  • Two authoritative external links
  • One related internal links.
If you don't know what are internal links, wordpress, or don't follow what is being said, Please DO NOT apply.