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Earn over US$2k commission in long-term online sales and customer service position

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As a freelancer, it's difficult to work without job stability and not knowing when your next project would be.
If you are looking for a stable part-time job where you can learn new skills, work within a friendly team, have 100% control over how much you earn AND be able to do all that from home- you would definitely want to work with us!

The job will offer you 5-10% commission, which can easily work out to over US$2000 if you can help us to close 5 contracts a month. 

Hi I'm Ying and I'm the founder of the web design and digital marketing agency. We have created a business that's driven by quality customer service and top-notch service, and we are looking for driven, proactive, and reliable people to be part of our team, and especially if you wish to work and grow with us in the long-term. 

We will provide you with the email templates, structure, and training on your job scope, but here's just some description of what you can expect to do on the job: 
1. Gather leads and approach potential clients
2. Conduct market research on their industry and get to know their needs and requirements, before drafting a proposal using our template. 
3. Follow-up to close potential leads
4. Once contract is closed, you will be the account manager for the client- and you'll have to update them on the status of their project as well as answering any queries they may have
5. After completion of the project, you'll still have to schedule follow-up emails routinely to check on the client and maintain the relationship with them. This includes running simple checks (that I will show you) to see if our service has benefited them and driven traffic to them.

Here are skills you would definitely need to have to excel at the job: 
1. Resourcefulness and independence
2. Able to communicate via email in clear and good english 
3. If you have any experience in any of these it would be a bonus: sales, lead generation, basic design, email marketing or digital marketing

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!