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E-Learning App for IOS

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Dear Programmers,


Do you offer your service also for IOS?


We are a new E-Learning Agency and we are looking for someone who can develop an IOS App for us. 


It should be a very basic app but with a very good user experience and good design. It should have a login area, where the user can login. 


We are going to create E-Learnings with Adobe Captivate Prime and we will export them in HTML5 format. 


Afterwards, we would like to have a backend area, where we can upload this E-Learning in the app. The App should then open the e-learning and run it. 


The user can choose from the different e-learnings we offer. He should also be able to see; the status of the e-learning and he should be able to continue at the point where he stopped it. 


The outcomes of the E-Learning should than be uploaded via the internet connection to our LMS (Learning Management System, Adobe Captivate Prime). 


You can develop the whole app in English and we will translate it by our own afterwards. That is no problem. 


You will find some more information about what is in scope and out of scope in the file attached. 


Looking forward to your reply,