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E-Commerce website with Magento II , second phase

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We have a managed hosting with Magento II and a theme installed and would like to develope functionalities as described below and make it fully functional and tested. For this phase you are supposed to develop more functionality, load data as reuired, test it and make it fully functional.
The ecommerce website should support basic functionality listed below in addition to further functionality being provided after :

Basic User Features:

Shopping Cart
Grid/List View Display
Add to Wishlist
Buyer Account Creation
Payment gateway Integrations
Multiple Currency Support

Basic Admin Features:
Inventory Management including import and export
Customization of the database based on our request
Admin Stats Dashboard
Email Marketing Integration

This phase include integrate a responsive suitable theme, customize the solution,  including readily available solutions for managing export and import from inventory database, integrating payment solution and launching an ecommerce solution in a rapid pace. You shall also provide a plug-in for the admin of the site to be able to import/export new objects to the product database and define attributes of each product separately. You are allowed to use any theme as long as you can transfer the copy right to us. You shall also propose customizing a professional graphic design for the  eCommerce.

Based on each object attributes the customer should be able to customize the order through a drop-down or predefined menu or form and add it to the shopping cart. Then, the order shall be processed through usual shopping cart mechanism. The ecommerce system should be a full shopping cart solution which includes all the usual shopping cart features such as order processing, shipping/return/tax/inventory/promotion management, secure payment gateways, registration, reporting and emailing the orders to the customer when the payment is received and also when it is shipped, canceled or returned and so on. 
Only who have successfully deployed such projects before may place their quotation along with the reference of their work. Freshers, pls.  do not bid! You need to submit a delivery document in addition to fully functional and tested software plus the source code. The document shall list the changes you made to the shopping cart system in addition to enough documentation to operate and administrate the system, a tutorial for our graphic designer to change the layout, theme and front end design of the website, show how the administrator can import a list of products along with their object model to the system, show how the system admin can define and change the customizable attributes of each product, and how she/he may define new  categories and sub-pages. You shall also deliver full documentation for plug in integration, list of all themes or open source CS used and highlighting any necessary licensing that shall be purchased.

While bidding please include references of similar work done and Time expected to complete the project. Also mention your preferred CMS/Cart software to complete this project. Also consider that in case you awarded the project you are not allowed to use the project in your portfolio and you are expected to help us integrate the project to our hosting solution and assist for search engine optimization. I will be providing a detailed requirement document once the developer is shortlisted.
Some of the requirement of the project are as follows:
1. Product management: 2. Category management: 3. Order management : get details of user who orders, billing address, shipping address, gift wrap, generate shipping label for each order, generate order detail calculate shipping price, calculate tax per state, per country (get automatically from web or read from a table of sales tax percentage), define different flags for status of the order for order tracking and return management. 4. Discount promotion management. 5. email management: email receipt of payment, email order process, email shipping tracking, and so on. 6. subscription and user account management 7. Discount coupon management 8. Review management 9. Support different language and language management 10. Admin users [add, update, delete] product, users, categories and so on. 11. Activity History 12. Settings [site logo, footer text, social media links and contact details, pages design ...] 13. Install and integrate ssl certificate 14. Recommended system plugin to recommend product to the user based on user history of browsing or search. 15. Possibility of importing and exporting group of products, categories, orders, list of users and their contacts, processed payments  as a CSV file.  16-Enough documentation for users to administrate the back-end and front end and do changes to the graphic design of the site and management of the database. 17- Copyright of all the work should be transferred to the employer 18- Ability to define and receive dropdown and text box personalization of each product , i.e. a mechanism for ordering customizable products.  19- Speed and SEO optimization   Front end application: 1. Product listing with banner, item name, product attributes and categories, product short description, product detail specification, product multiple images, zooming on the image, and potentially movie or 3D object. 2. search filters ( simple search advanced search. 3. view products category wise (categories should be easily modifiable) 4. product description page 5. shopping cart 6. Integration with payment gateways as per our request 7. Blog or review page 8. Contact, terms and condition, cookies notice, about us, user agreement 9. Multiple language support 10- Responsive graphic design 11-Speed and SEO optimization 

Very important features which should be supported during this phase are:
1- Functional search and advanced search
2- Functional links navigating through the theme
3- Revising the database structure/tables based on our requirement 
4- Fully functional admin package which support easy import/export of the product catalogue, support selecting different status for the orders including paid/shipped/returned/repaired and so on , report of the orders based on different status
5- Fully functional Tax as per excel sheet provided.
6- Fully functional shipping method integration with third party 
7- Integration of payment method
8- Integration of SSL