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Dynamic/interactive Web app for Startup

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Design and develop the web application, in its first version, starting with Backend and continuing with Frontend, and in the second version, the development of Android and IOS mobile applications, which will allow establishing the corporate image and the brand for Espoko Technology.
Any question send an email: [removed] Preferences: This information will be provided and discussed with the candidate selected. For now, just we can say that the web app must be dynamic and interactive, so the candidate must be a full stack developer.
Static pages: N/A
Preferred Customizations:

Fully scalable backend
Dynamic and interactive front end.
With the following fields -in the beginning-:
Login, Scroll Down, Request Form, Submit, Track Status, Search & Choose, Favorites, Register New Products-Ingredients, etc.
All of the above should have API for Development Component, Development Service, Development Subscription, Development View
Other possible requirements will be provided to the chosen candidate when the terms of reference are discussed in greater detail.
Technology Preferences: Initially MEAN Stack (AngularJS + ExpressJS + NodeJS), ASP.NET, MongoDB and Postgress or MySQL, Apache, APIs JSON, etc.