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Dynamic round robbin lead allocation application

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Need a simple web based or desktop application with One single input field ( zip code - numeric ) and an output basis check with database , the concerned Sales Person/ territory to whom the lead should be assigned. 

The input tab is  Zip code of 6 digit ( numeric only ).
Output - Sales person name and Sales territory 

The application will be used by multiple lead generators at one time and hence should be dynamic in nature. The lead allocation logic need to be build on following
1) Zip code and Sales person / Sales territory mapping 
2) Round robbin basis . ex if say one Zip code is mapped to 6 sales person , then 
1st lead to be assigned to Sales person A
2nd lead in same zip code to be assigned to sales person B
3rd lead in same zip code to be assigned to sales person C
and so on........

The tool should ensure that lead allocation is dynamic and round robbin with multiple user using the tool as same time.

preferably a desktop application or web based  and response time should be accurate and fast.

Post successful application development , support for 3 months to ensure smooth working .
also handover of all password and code access 

This is required urgently 

The tool can be prepared on any platform till the time it runs smoothly and fast