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Doping control officers

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Become a Doping Control Officer!

IDTM is seeking for persons who would like to work as doping control officers (DCO) in Budapest, Hungary. DCOs are responsible for the collection of a urine/blood sample, recording the sample collection, and shipping the samples to a WADA accredited or approved laboratory.

The basic requirement is a minimum age of 21 years. The DCO should speak and write English. Knowledge of an additional language is an advantage, as is experience in Anti-Doping testing. A DCO should be: a problem solver, able to cope with stress, trustworthy, precise, a person with leadership skills, i.e. polite and friendly, yet assertive. 
DCO position is not a full-time job and doping control assignments can vary greatly from time to time. The DCO payment is per mission and the fee depends on the samples collected, location and type of test.

In order to apply for this job please register yourself in IDTM database following this link:

During the registration process, it will be necessary to provide your contact information, answer several questions, submit your CV and letter of interest.

IDTM is an expert in delivering In-Competition and Out-of-Competition doping control testing services using our dynamic network of doping control officers (DCO). All DCOs are trained and accredited in accordance with the WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations. IDTM provides the DCO education including the online courses, DCO seminars, practical training and exam.  The DCO network is continuedly developing and expanding – join the network!

Additional information can be found on our website:

Laboratory and blood collection skills not required to apply for this job.