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Document processing using Azure Computer Vision

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Hello everyone,

I have a multi-phased project
where we have to extract data from several types of documents. For the first
phase, we are starting with 3 types of documents, Passports, ID cards and
Drivers Licenses (DL) from 13 countries (there are approximately 50 different
documents as there are more than one type of DL for some countries).

This project is part of
larger project which is part of a startup solution being developed. Our main
solution will need to call your program by passing it an image, type of
document and country the document belongs to. You program needs to use a
computer vision service, like Microsoft Azure’s or Google, then pass the extracted
data back to the main program. The turnaround time in returning the extracted
data is important, as the data is required before the user can proceed to the
next step. Note that there will be multiple users scanning and extracting data
in parallel, so your program must be able to handle multiple simultaneous calls
without performance impact.

The deliverables are, the working
code and all documentation (design and user documents).

The primary language of
the documents is English, but we also have some in Arabic.

Let me know if you have
any questions.

Look forward to hearing
from you all.